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The HDN is creating a better futures for those in our community living with a disability by supporting them in employment pathways and allowing employers access to varying skills and unique goals.

So far we have had a great experience with the team at HDN and look forward to continuing our partnership.

Jai McNaughton

Talent & Culture Manager

Equal opportunity employment is incredible important at Funlab. We all come from diverse experiences and backgrounds and it is important we represent our communities and work to better employment for underrepresented groups.

It had been very difficult to recruit talents, due to the closure of the borders and unemployment at an all-time low.

Thanks to the HDN we have been able to place candidates that might not have had the confidence to apply directly to our job ads but working with HDN has opened a pathway for us to meet with amazing candidates who are looking for opportunities to start their careers and develop new skills, while we’ve been able to continue building diverse teams and continue offering the best guest experience.

The Motherfunner we have recruited through HDN has been with us for almost 7 months now. He shows eagerness to learn everyday and holds various responsibilities with confidence.

The team at HDN genuinely care about their clients and are incredibly supportive. They set the client and employer up for success.

HDN wants to make a difference and have an impact in the community. The hospitality and entertainment industry can be difficult to navigate with the expectations of how you need to present yourself or the skillset you need but HDN actively works to break through those barriers and show employers and clients that you don’t have to be a particular type of person or have a certain experience to be successful.

Emilly Tsuka

Talent Manager

In our current economic climate, it has been challenging to find new talent, which has led us to explore new pathways and talent pools. That’s when I found the Hospitality Disability Network.

It was incredibly easy to deal with the HDN, they have come to understand our business and what we need and connected us with some great candidates.

Currently we have two of their candidates placed with us for over six months. The HDN assisted us through the entire process. From recruiting, to on boarding, to post placement support.

The Northshore has such a great relationship with the community and working with the HDN allows us to have a new pool of talent that may not have had the confidence to apply for our roles, allowing us to have a broader range of staff that represents all facets of our local community.

Chris Howell

General Manager

Equal opportunity is very important to our business and industry, a balanced staff base is vital to the moral and health of the greater team. As a large venue we have a lot to give back to the community and are happy to assist with jobs/ training and whatever support we can offer.

At present it is a lot harder to entice new workers into the industry, HDN have been a great help to our recruitment process. They have helped with filling entry level positions.

The talents from HDN have been a great asset to our team, they regularly attend training sessions and actively want to come to work. They always put their hands up to come in early or to pick up more shifts.

HDN’s uniqueness is that they actively follow up their placements and offer support if needed.

Siobhan Needham

General Manager

The HDN and I have previously worked together closely. So, working with people with different abilities and backgrounds is what makes my business thrive. 

Lately, it has been very challenging to recruit staff, due to restrictions and border closures. The HDN has introduced us to a new talent pool and made our work so much easier. The HDN screens the candidates and makes sure they have the appropriate certificates and requirements before the candidate starts work. So basically, the interview process is just a casual meet and greet the candidate.

At the moment, we have four of their talents placed in our venue, one for more than 6months. Front and back of house. All of them are completely different but fit in very well with the team. They really enjoy learning new skills or like to shine the skills they have previously acquired. 

The HDN makes sure that it is the right placement for the right candidate and even assists them further if it is required.

The HDN is unique as it specifically caters towards the hospitality industry. Everyone in the team has an extensive hospitality background, so they understand what is required from an employer side.

It is always a pleasure dealing with the HDN. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Ryan Ebbs

General Manager

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