Frequently Asked Questions

HDN was formed and exists primarily to support the hospitality and tourism industry through working directly with you to help enable your organisation and existing team members to become more confident, more capable, and generally guide you and your organisation through the process from selection, on-boarding and continued support. Our goal is the same as your, to have a sustainable outcome for you, your team and the new person with disability as your new team member.

Our HDN Team are all hospitality, tourism, and ability experts. We help you bridge the gap that often exists for organisations not accustomed to hiring People With Disability. We do this by pre-screening the candidate using our knowledge of the industry and its requirements, stresses, and demands to help you secure the best candidate for your needs. We then continue to support you, the candidate, and your Team by

  • conducting workshops with your Team to provide them insight and increase their confidence and capability to engage and work with PWD employees.
  • Provide you with a tool kit to further enhance the working environment for you, your team and the employee(s).
  • We provide access to our e-learning suite of modules designed to build confidence and empower your team.
  • We host a Build Ability platform where all members can share and discuss their knowledge, challenges, successes, and overall experiences with each other to continue to develop skills in working with people with a disability.
  • Currently any prospective employer in the hospitality or tourism industry can join our network for free. We are a not for profit and our main purpose is to ‘support the industry in WA to increase sustainable employment opportunities for people with disability – we are outcome not financially driven.
  • To join as a member simply click this link and complete the form. We will connect with you and begin your rewarding journey to secure and retain great employees who happen to have a disability.

It has been proven time and again throughout Australia and the world that people with a disability provide exceptional loyalty, focus on doing a great job and have tremendous pride in their work when given the opportunity and a supportive environment. Our own direct experiences have delivered wonderful outcomes . Plus you and your organisation become a valuable contributor to our society by helping people who can be overlooked in their efforts and dreams of becoming independent and enjoying a fuller life.

We are here to provide help and assistance to your whole team if it is beneficial through our tools and training. Ideally, we have found that participation by the owner / GM, your head of HR and members of your supervisor level employees can benefit the most and carry that learning and ability throughout your organisation. We also realise that sometimes all three of those may be only one or two people, we are here for all sizes of organisations within the industry to provide help.

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