HDNWA Opportunities

How we can help - we work with you, ensuring your organisation can benefit from employing people with disability.

The Hospitality and Tourism industry has been one of the industries most affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and is still recoverying.

HDNWA works with you and an array of Disability Employment Agencies to identify candidates to fill vacant positions as they arise with our hospitality member employers.

Our members have confidence that our pre-screening of candidates will find appropriate talent for their available roles based on our in-depth knowledge and experience in the hospitality and tourism sector.

We aim to achieve sustainable employment for those successful individuals placed by providing post placement support, where needed, to both the candidate and employer.

Through this process we also build confidence and empowerment within your existing Team through our workshops, e-learning and mentoring tools so they are well prepared and supported to welcome and embrace the new Team Member with disability.

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