What people say about us

“Workpower values the benefits that meaningful employment provides to individuals with a disability and their employer, acknowledging the contribution that individuals bring to their team, the business and the community in which they work.

As a provider of employment, Workpower is always looking for new opportunities and experiences to provide to our customers, when the opportunity to be part of the Hospitality Disability Network was presented we viewed this as a wonderful opportunity to partner with the tourism and hospitality sector to develop sustainable employment opportunities. We are fortunate to partner with HDN to showcase the abilities of people with a disability and to be in a position to present new experience’s to our customers with a group of key individuals who are truly motivated to inspire our customers to follow their goals, reach their potential and be the best that they can be through a range of employment experiences in the hospitality sector.

Workpower is excited to work with the network, to promote the hospitality sector as a viable career option for people with a disability and to see the vision come alive before our eyes. Of the individuals that have engaged with the program we have seen the immediate impact the experience has provided to them; an increased self-confidence, feeling accomplished and valued for their future contribution and look forward to seeing many more individuals reach their goals and aspirations.”
Kathy Kelly
Workpower General Manager People Services
It is a pleasure working in partnership with a professional organisation such as HDN.

I am overwhelmed by their fantastic approach, open mindedness and inclusivity with all our Job Seekers.

Their smooth processes and hospitality opportunities have changed individuals lives for the better in finding meaningful employment.
Jacqueline Armstrong
Status DES Regional Manager - Western Australia | Mirrabooka
Working with HDN has been of great benefit to Optus Stadium, it has expanded our ability to reach candidates with disabilities and provide opportunities where they otherwise may not have been available. there has also been the added benefit of the education in employing people with disability that Optus Stadium staff has received from working alongside HDN.

The candidates who have been successfully progressed to employment have shown eagerness and commitment to their roles as well as loyalty to our business. HDN have been supportive, cooperative, willing to help and educate and always available for any number of questions we may have had about the process and how we can improve.

We look forward to working with HDN on a more streamlined recruitment and onboarding process and tailored training program to provide as much support as we can to our new candidates.
Zoe Sanders
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